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Sundays is a fine-casual restaurant and bakery that specializes in breakfast burritos, sourdough bagels, pastry, and coffee & juice — all served in a lively, cafe environment.

How We Got Here

In  2018, we got started as Wake & Late with the intention of elevating breakfast through a single product, the breakfast burrito. As we set out to expand beyond our small kitchen and take out window in DTLA, we wanted to speak to a larger breakfast audience. With this new vision in mind, we felt that calling this restaurant Wake & Late no longer fit what was in-development. Sundays will always offer the burritos you know and love, but will also feature a bakery and dine-in, cafe environment. Sunday morning breakfast is celebrated as a weekly ritual, and we will strive to deliver that warm experience every day of the week--whether you are engaging with us in-store or online. 


Sourcing Mostly Organic Ingredients

We believe that the best foods are made with the best ingredients. From pasture raised eggs and handmade tortillas in our burritos, to organic French butter and regeneratively farmed grains in our baked goods, sourcing high-quality, organic ingredients is at the core of what we do.



We aim to affect positive change for both our teams and the communities in which we serve. This starts by fostering a winning culture in our stores that emphasizes excellence and togetherness, sourcing high-quality ingredients from farmers we know and trust, thoughtful design and operations to create a product with purpose, and a burning desire to leave people better than we found them.


I  N     G  O  O  D     T  A  S  T  E.

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